Drawing workshop

A 3-day drawing workshop, led by  Professor Paul Coldwell, involving a group of 15 young people ran at the end of January in partnership with the Historical Museum of Bosnia Herzegovina.  The drawing workshop used both the museum’s collection and personal objects to explore what connects us as being so much more important than what separates us.  The workshop culminated in an impromptu exhibition of the drawings.

‘In conflict, communities are polarized, the other becoming the representation of all negative associations. Historically this has led to regarding the other as sub-human and substituting the individual as a stereotype. I would like to work at this intersection using familiar objects as ways of addressing commonality and encouraging an understanding of things that are shared. In the drawing workshop the participants will be asked to bring a pair of used shoes + an object that they feel represents their culture… The participants will be asked to work in pairs, exchanging drawings which are collaged together or cut into strips and woven together to make composites. … We will think about ways these drawing could be brought together as if in friendship. They might be collaged, woven, sliced or traced so that a new drawing is formed’.  Professor Coldwell

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