Here is a selection of readings, films and resources related to the arts and reconciliation.


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Acting together is  a collaboration between Brandeis University and Theatre Without Borders.  The website is full of case-studies, resources and downloads


Global Arts Corps: theatre and reconciliation work in 17 countries

Arts, Culture and Peacebuilding, Xchange Perspectives, 2005

Acting Together Documentary, highlights the work of artists working in conflict regions. A film that came out of a seven-year initiative of Theatre Without Borders, Brandeis University and filmmaker Allison Lund.

A Gift of Culture, music camps and music therapy with youth in Bosnia

Candles against the Light, Stories of Srebenica: children’s music theatre



Panel Discussion: Art and Reconciliation, National Arts Centre, Canada 2016

Professor James Thompson 2013 Cockcroft Rutherford Lecture: In Place of War


Practitioner Resources

 Slachmuijlder, L., 2012. Participatory Theatre for Conflict Transformation.  Training Manual. Search for Common Ground.

Acting Together Toolkit: