30-31 January 2018: ‘Reconciliation Histories Workshop’

‘Reconciliation Histories’ explores forgotten and hidden moments of (non)reconciliation to challenge what it is that is meant be reconciliation and how it is to be achieved in the contemporary era, and considers diverse examples from the Athenian wars, to the Bolshevik revolution. If you are interested in attending please email for more information (limited spaces).  For more information see here.

29 January 2018: ‘Ricochet’ by Simon Norfolk

Please join us for a lecture by the award winning photographer, Simon Norfolk, on the politics of remembrance after the first world war. The lecture is based on a forthcoming documentary series “Ricochet”, which asks what’s wrong with pretty war cemeteries and cenotaphs and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Quite a lot, this lecture argues.   For more information see here.

07 June 2017: Film Screen: After The Fact

LSE hosts screening and discussion surrounding Henry Redwood and Ice&Fire film After the Fact, an exploration of the experience of witnessing in international courts. For more information see here.

14-16 June 2017: BISA Conference:

Denisa Kostovicova (Department of Government, London School of Economics) and Tom Paskhalis (Department of Methodology, London School of Economics), present ‘Women Deliberators and Transitional Justice: What Kind of Voice?’. This captureskey findings from their research on RECOM, exploring the way that women participate in transitional justice. For more information see here.

26 June-2 July 2017: Warm Festival and Why Remember

Paul Lowe (UAL LCC) co-curates a festival and conference in Sarajevo exploring themes of journalism, art, remembrance and conflict. For more information see here.