30th Nov, 2018: ‘Attention’ by Touchdown Dance Company, performance followed by Q&A, London

Touchdown create in the moment within a structured score, including concepts of proximity and space, architecture (Angus Balbernie) the poetics of movement (Steve Batts), and kinaesthetic awareness (Julyen Hamilton). This 30 minute performance will be followed by a Q&A with the dancers.

Symposium – King’s College London – 29 November-1 December 2018

From 29 November – 1 December 2018 we will be holding a symposium where project participants, artists, practitioners and academics will explore the key themes of the project: What is reconciliation? What practices constitute spaces of reconciliation? What do the arts have to offer in post-conflict settings? How are we to measure the effectiveness of reconciliation interventions?  For further info and to register.

28th Nov, 2018: Photography and Art in Post Conflict Societies

In this event the photographer Ziyah Gafić and artist, Mladen Miljanović will discuss their work and its relation to the post war legacy of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.

Wednesday 28 November, 14.00-16.00pm, London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle, London.  For further info and to register.

21st Nov, 2018: Reconciling Experience: Dance excerpt, Q&A and reception, London

Choreography by Roman Baca, Fulbright Scholar, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and former US Marine.

This choreography aims to explore how the experience of serving in the military becomes embodied and carried over into everyday life.

21 November 2018, 19:00 to 21.00 at The Exchange, Bush House, Kings College London.  For further into and to register.

21st Nov, 2018: Film Screening, Rope by Ziyah Gafić, London

Two aging athletes and friends who fought on opposing sides in Bosnian civil war meet after quarter of century for one last climb.

21 November 2018, 13:00 to 14:30 at The Exchange, Kings College Strand Campus.  For further info and to register.

 15th Nov, 2018: Text Illuminations: Data, Discourses and Representation, talk, London

Panel discussion with artist, Dr Nela Milic (University of the Arts London) and political scientists, Dr Denisa Kostovicova, Dr Ivor Sokolic and Tom Paskhalis of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Thursday 15 November 2018,, The Exchange, Kings College Strand Campus.  For further info and to register.

7th Nov, 2018: Art and Reconciliation: A Conversation, artist’s talk, London

Artist in Residence, Dr Milena Michalski, In Conversation with artists on the theme of reconciliation and art at The Exchange, Kings College Strand Campus, 18.30-20.00pm.

In connection with the ‘Reconciliations’ exhibitions, and bringing together some of the artists showing there with other artists whose work deals with reconciliation in the broadest sense, this public discussion reflects on a wide range of reconciliations – or not – including between art and atrocity, both past and present; the artist’s internal conflict during the making of work; between art and politics, art and psychology and between elements such as abstraction and documentation.  For further info and to register.

31st October 2018: Forensic Aesthetics talk, London

Running from 14-16pm at London College of Communications in this talk the artist Vladimir Miladinović will discuss his work from the project Rendered History, which deals with wartime and post-war trauma of the former Yugoslav societies.  In addition Dr Paul Lowe will present his paper: Traces of Traces: Time, space, objects and the forensic turn in photography.  For more info see here

1st Nov – 1st Dec 2018: Reconciliations exhibition, London

Reconciliations is a two-part exhibition running in parallel at The Exchange, Bush House, King’s College London from 1 November-1 December 2018, and at The Knapp Gallery, Regent’s University London, from 1 November 2018-19 January 2019.

The exhibitions offer a chance to see the artworks commissioned as part of the project, as well as other work relating to the broader concept of ‘reconciliation’. There will also be a series of events, including artists’ talks, seminars, and performances.

25th June 2018: ‘The Artist in Post Conflict Societies’ workshop, Sarajevo

‘The Artist in Post Conflict Societies’ was a workshop organised in conjunction with the REconciliations exhibition that brought together regional artists at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It involved a series of practical sessions on working with institutions and writing funding proposals and a broader discussion about the social and political production of art and on the role and responsibilities of artists working in post conflict societies.  For more info see here.

29th June – 31st August 2018: ‘REconciliations’ exhibition, Sarajevo

‘REconcilaitions’ brings together regional and international artists who have produced artwork in response to the collection of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Undertaken as part of Art and Reconciliation, the exhibition has sought to ask questions about the role of the artist in post conflict societies. How can artists look back and critically re-interpret history in order to look forward and re-imagine a different future?  ReConciliations features the work of seven artists working with film, sculpture, drawing and audio visual installations: Lana Čmajčanin & Adela Jušić;  Milena Michalski; Mladen Miljanovic; Paul Coldwell; Sabina Tanović & Dario Kristić; Vladimir Miladinovic; Ziyah Gafic.  For more info see here.

30-31 January 2018: ‘Reconciliation Histories Workshop’

‘Reconciliation Histories’ explores forgotten and hidden moments of (non)reconciliation to challenge what it is that is meant be reconciliation and how it is to be achieved in the contemporary era, and considers diverse examples from the Athenian wars, to the Bolshevik revolution. If you are interested in attending please email for more information (limited spaces).  For more information see here.

29 January 2018: ‘Ricochet’ by Simon Norfolk

Please join us for a lecture by the award winning photographer, Simon Norfolk, on the politics of remembrance after the first world war. The lecture is based on a forthcoming documentary series “Ricochet”, which asks what’s wrong with pretty war cemeteries and cenotaphs and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Quite a lot, this lecture argues.   For more information see here.

07 June 2017: Film Screen: After The Fact

LSE hosts screening and discussion surrounding Henry Redwood and Ice&Fire film After the Fact, an exploration of the experience of witnessing in international courts. For more information see here.

14-16 June 2017: BISA Conference:

Denisa Kostovicova (Department of Government, London School of Economics) and Tom Paskhalis (Department of Methodology, London School of Economics), present ‘Women Deliberators and Transitional Justice: What Kind of Voice?’. This captureskey findings from their research on RECOM, exploring the way that women participate in transitional justice. For more information see here.

26 June-2 July 2017: Warm Festival and Why Remember

Paul Lowe (UAL LCC) co-curates a festival and conference in Sarajevo exploring themes of journalism, art, remembrance and conflict. For more information see here.