29th June – 31st August 2018: ‘REconciliations’ exhibition, Sarajevo

‘REconcilaitions’ brings together regional and international artists who have produced artwork in response to the collection of the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Undertaken as part of Art and Reconciliation, the exhibition has sought to ask questions about the role of the artist in post conflict societies. How can artists look back and critically re-interpret history in order to look forward and re-imagine a different future?  ReConciliations features the work of seven artists working with film, sculpture, drawing and audio visual installations: Lana Čmajčanin & Adela Jušić;  Milena Michalski; Mladen Miljanovic; Paul Coldwell; Sabina Tanović & Dario Kristić; Vladimir Miladinovic; Ziyah Gafic.  For more info see here.

28 September 2017- 26 October 2017: Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

Artist in Resident, Milena Michalski, exhibits work at the new ‘Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum’. For more information see here.