Co-researching for innovation and change

King’s College London Cultural Institute are running a series of workshops and launching a funding scheme for higher education/cultural sector collaborations in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at King’s College London and the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

Members of the Art & Reconciliation project are excited to be participating in this new scheme, which aims to support innovative approaches to co-research between King’s academics and our partners in the arts, culture and heritage sector. In distinction to collaborations that focus on extending the reach or impact of existing research, or conducting research on or on behalf of a partner, the focus here is on providing opportunities to co-develop a research agenda; co-create new research; and build and sustain a shared community of research.

A programme of workshops and themed salons will provide an introduction to the key principles and methodologies of co-research; opportunities for cross-sector networking; and a facilitated environment for collaborative ideas generation. This will be followed by a funding scheme offering up to £5,000 for up to five teams to cover a pilot project or collaborative R&D leading to a joint grant application.

Details here.

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