New logo: Art and Reconciliation

We are very grateful to artist and undergraduate student in War Studies, Aryan Salazar-Volkmann, for designing a new logo for the project.  Ari was recently awarded an King’s Undergraduate Research Fellowship to work with us on the Art and Reconciliation project over the summer.

“My name is Aryan Salazar Volkmann, I am currently studying International Relations at King’s College London. I grew up in Guatemala, Vietnam, Iran, Colombia, New York and El Salvador. My interest in both Art and Human Rights began in Iran; a country rich in culture and history – yet sadly also plagued by human right violations. My relationship to Art was built on rebellion there; we had friends who were artists and musicians that used their craft as political tools to express their dissent of the situation of their country. Colombia, similarly, had its own battles to pick – at the time it was still in a state of civil war. I visited many exhibitions and worked alongside various artists – and again I noticed a trend in the community using art as a language of criticism, of community and of unity.  In New York I built on my experience in the development and justice sectors, whilst separately engaging in my own artwork. The two came together when I helped organise a painting exhibition orchestrated by ECPAT, aimed to raise funding for their cause. Nevertheless, El Salvador has been the first country in which I have witnessed art being harnessed as a legitimate tool within an institution I worked for: the World Food Program. It had launched a pilot project called ConectArte aimed at at-risk youth in areas of high violence.

It is only when I came to London however, that I began to see the possibility for an active academic commitment in between spheres dedicated to development, transitional justice, equity and reconciliation and the Arts. This is largely through my experiences with the Arts and Conflict Hub; and now, the Arts and Reconciliation collaborative project. I will be researching, transcribing data and documenting various cross-cultural country and institution-based case studies: my areas of focus are El Salvador, Guatemala, Turkey, Croatia and Vienna.”
You can read more about Ari’s inspiration for the design and her work on the project on her blog.

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