Art & Reconciliation: Final Exhibition and Symposium – Save the date!

To mark the end of Art & Reconciliation: Culture, Conflict and Community, between from 1 November – 1 December 2018 we will be showcasing the artwork commissioned by the project in the Exchange Space at King’s College London. Alongside this, from 29 November – 1 December we will be holding a symposium where project participants, artists, practitioners and academics will explore the key themes of the project: What is reconciliation? What practices constitute spaces of reconciliation? What do the arts have to offer in post-conflict settings? How are we to measure the effectiveness of reconciliation interventions? To capture the eclectic and interdisciplinary nature of the project, the presentations will take on a variety of forms, from arts practice and contact improvisation workshops, keynotes, panels, exhibition walk throughs, and film screenings.

Key dates to note:

Exhibition: Reconciliations

1 November – 1 December 2018 , The Exchange, Bush House, King’s College London

Opening event: Thursday 1 November 2018

Symposium: Art and Reconciliation

Thursday 29 November – Saturday 1 December 2018, King’s College London, Strand Campus

Keynotes: Valentin Inzko, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Marcus Ferrar, Chair, Dresden Trust

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